Litspiration Challenge #2

For my litsperation challenge in term two, I decided to play a song on my flute. The song I chose to play was "King of The Fairies". This song is supposed to describe the feeling of Mary, when she discovers the Secret Garden, in the book The Secret Garden By Francis Hodgson Burnett.

Here is my version of "King of The Fairies". I also added a video to it to make it more interesting:

I also wrote a description of why I chose this song, for the setting and feelings of the garden in Mary's Perspective:
** NOTE: I repeated the song twice. So, If I talk about the starting of the song, I mean the starting of the song, not the whole video. If that makes sense.**

My Description:

The starting of this song has a mysterious tinch to it. Just like Mary's feelings when she first discovers the beautiful garden that she is forbidden to enter. Mary at this point is feeling a bit scared, because she doesn't know where she is, but she is also very curious. That is how the music sounds, and all the plants  are withered and dull, just like the music. Soon after she enters the garden, Mary becomes excited, and slowly falls in love with the garden. This feeling is shown in the middle of the song, where the notes get higher and faster. Then she starts caring for the garden, that is when the song ends slowly. I found this song to be beautiful, just like the feelings Mary has towards the garden. 

*****There are two mistakes in the song, at 00:52 and 1:86. Sorry If it doesn't sound good.*****

Hope You Enjoy Trying To Find Your Secret Garden!!!!
Maanasa Daitha :)

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  1. Maanasa's Mom:
    Maanasa, you did an amazing job with your litspiration challenge! Your description as very detailed, and it was nicely written. The pictures in your video were well chosen and really enhanced the song.

    Keep up the Awesome Work!