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Found Book Review

            Imagine… Your whole world flipped around because you’re adopted

            Jonah Skidmore is facing the biggest adventure of his life. Him and his friend, Chip, are trying to find the truth about their adoption with the help of Jonah’s younger sister (Katherine). Their mystery begins with Jonah and Chip getting mysterious letters. The first one says, “You are one of the missing”. The second one says, “ Beware! They’re coming back to get you”. Jonah and Chip have no idea where they’re from and no one is giving them answers. What would you do if you were in that situation?
            Margaret Peterson Haddix plunged me into the book Found, the first book in The Missing series. This action packed book is always very suspenseful and really a page-turner. Haddix introduces the characters very well by not giving their full description in one chapter, but by the readers turning every page and learning something new about a character all throughout the book. In my opinion Haddix did an amazing job with this book. She connected the characters very well to the story, because Jonah, the protagonist, was always afraid of learning something new about his adoption. But as Jonah’s questions grew about his past, all the characters tried understanding each other and the bond grew bigger between each of them. Haddix, in my opinion, must have made Jonah and Katherine siblings, rather than friends or a couple, because this way the characters all learn new things about each other and themselves. Slowly the brother sister bond grew much stronger as they started supporting and standing up for each other. Then I realized this book revolves around the theme of love between siblings. So, in general the characters and the plot in this book were well planned out and precisely presented.  Found is definitely a must read book I recommend to everyone!

            -Maanasa Daitha

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