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The Secret Garden Book Review

 Could a beautiful garden change your entire personality?
Marry Lenox, a plain and dull child, used to live in a grand palace in India with her parents, but after they pass away, she moves in with her uncle, Lord Archibald in his manor in England. Since the start, Mary has always been a bit rude and ignorant, but when she discovers a magical garden near the mansion, she totally changes her lifestyle. Soon after she discovers the garden, she hears faint and distant crying filling the night. Where could the crying be coming from? Was her uncle keeping a secret?
Frances Hodgson Burnett really touched my heart with this wonderful story. All the characters in this book had their own heart filled personality, but some people just needed to find it.  The Secret Garden is always a book that makes me shed a tear at the end with the meaningful story. The powerful words Burnett uses always linger in my mind as I keep reading on. This book taught me how people change. They say a leopard can’t change its spots, but Mary Lennox sure has. The way Mary and the other characters interact was a very good idea. She started out being very miserable and unkind. But slowly as she figures out who is the person crying, her life turns around, but in a good way. The plot was very crisp and short, and it didn’t drag along, therefore it made me want to keep reading. The theme this book is based upon is the power of friendship. Mary learns the value of friends and treating people with love. To all of you who love classics, or just want to try one, I really recommend this book to you!

-Maanasa Daitha

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  1. Hi Maanasa,

    I came across your blog and I thought it was splendid. Your layout is great because it is easy to find everything you want to see. I like how on your poem you put the meaning below so readers could see words within words. Your writing is deep and powerful and I love your book review on the Secret Garden. Good job. :D