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The Red Pyramid Book Review

Sadie Kane, a confident twelve year old girl, lives with her grandparents after her mother died of a mysterious death when Sadie was young. Her older brother, Carter, has the opportunity to travel the world with their brilliant father, Julius Kane, an Egyptologist. When Carter and his dad visit Sadie on Christmas Eve, their father takes them to the British museum, with a promise to make things right. But all doesn’t go according to his plan; they both watch as Julius summons a god and cause an explosion. Soon they both discover that the gods of Ancient Egypt are waking and the worst of them, the evil god Set, plans to take over all of North America and using their father as bait. That’s when the siblings both go on a quest to save North America and their father.
The Red Pyramid, the first book in the Kane Chronicles, is a very descriptive and dynamic book.  The author, Rick Riordan based this book on Egyptian mythology. I believe the theme of this book is mythology; this is evident in the book because the whole book is based on the gods of Ancient Egypt. Sadie and Carter explore all about the mythology of Egypt by going on the quest to save North America. This book also bases on the bonding of brothers and sisters. It’s surprising to see the differences between Sadie and Carter at the start and how they bond and support each other in the end.  This book also has some points to fix such as the plot gets a bit too long and sometimes not interesting. The author should shorten down his points into a more precise way. Another thing that I didn’t enjoy was the way the book changed perspectives. One chapter it is Sadie’s perspective and the next it’s Carter’s. Sometimes I got confused whose perspective I was reading from. I recommend this book to all those people that enjoy reading about the mythology of Ancient Egypt and also people who love having an explosion happen in every other page. 

-Maanasa Daitha

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