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Love, Stargirl- By Jerry Spinelli
Original Reviewer: Danika -->

  As Danika stated in her wonderful review, the quote "When a stargirl cries, she sheds not tears but light." (p. 182) did bring a new meaning in the heart felt book Love, Stargirl. I agree when Danika stated the theme as; you don’t need to change yourself for someone else. Though this theme may seem simple and straightforward, there is a lot to think about when changing yourself completely for some other person. We tend to do it lots, and we don’t realize it. The author, as stated in Danika’s review, had a valid reason for changing Stargirl’s character. She started off as a bright individual and slowly turned into a melancholy teenager. I also felt a bit disappointed with Stargirl’s transition in personality, but that is how the book got interesting.
     There were many sad and happy parts in Stargirl’s worlds longest letter to Leo. But I really enjoyed reading this different and eye opening book. The characters were very well presented in this book. There were so many different types of people, there were thieves, people with agoraphobia, and people who just wanted to have fun. The introductions to these new characters started from other characters, if you know what I mean. Stargirl, being the protagonist of this story, was always changing her personality, therefore she was very dynamic. The format of this story was presented through journal entries. To some, this may have been more organized, but to me it was really hard to keep in track with what was happening throughout the story. I guess because of the change in format, that I had troubles following the plot of this book. The plot development in my perspective was very poor to me, there wasn’t a plot line and there were no dramatic changes throughout the story. That is one thing that I found troubling while reading this book. But overall I preferred this book over the first book, Stargirl due to the amazing characters. Overall I thought Jerry Spinelli did a brilliant job with this book.
I recommend this book to all readers, as there will be something that everyone can relate to in this book!

-Maanasa Daitha

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