Thursday, 9 May 2013

Theme - Individual Post

     "Understanding your identity that is both developed and accepted through the choices of yourself and others"

     This is the theme that my group came up with, and I am also going to use this theme for my post, as I find it is a very good one :)

     What this theme is saying is life isn't about only others accepting you, but taking on the challenge that your choices will affect your identity. But other's actions and thoughts also affect your identity. The book revolves around this theme as Matt was always refereed to as an "animal" or a "thing". Before Matt came to the Big House, none of this mattered, as no one was there to judge him. But as he understood how people viewed him, a filthy clone, he viewed himself the same way. But the book is about Matt understanding that other's thought and choices don't affect who he is inside. Just because he is a clone, doesn't mean he is different. And the book ends at how Matt is mature enough to follow who he is, not what others think he is. Your identity only gets discovered when other’s choices develop it.
      Matt is no different than other kids his age. He is a musician, and is very knowledgeable about the Opium business, and he also has Tam Lin, Celia, and Maria to care for him. Who he is inside, is what Matt needs to discover, and slowly that happens.


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