Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Setting - Individual Post

“Lights outlined the white walls of a vast house above, with pillars and statues and doorways going who knew where. In the center arch was the carved outline of a scorpion” (Farmer: Pg. 20-21). That was a small passage form the book The House of the Scorpion, and it described the entranceway to the Big House, a very important piece of setting in this book.  Farmer did an amazing job in describing every small bit of setting in great detail. It seems that everyone will have the same interpretation of the setting throughout this book, as there is nothing to get confused about.
The setting seemed to generate levels through the book. Matt starts his life in Celia’s little house, and he slowly progresses to the prison (servant’s quarters). Then he finally gets to the Alacrán Estate, but in the middle there are other small settings, like the oasis. There seemed to be a genuine purpose to every setting, and all of them connected together. The time of this book obviously took place in the future, as it talks about “old” TV characters. So TV must have existed for a long time, as TV for us, is pretty old. As they talk about Aztlan being the new name for Mexico, it has to take place in the future. As most of the book takes place in the Big House, Farmer took time to describe different parts of it. The thing about the setting that questions me the most, is why would farmer create an imaginary border of Opium, separating Aztlan and the USA? She must have a motive, but it is hard to understand.  
While reading the book, I found that as the setting advanced, Matt character grew. The more things he saw, the more he learnt, and the more questions he got. This is how the setting enhances not only the plot, but the development of the characters in it. The thoughts and ideas put into this book by Farmer, are amazing! Reading this book is really enjoyable, and with the questions you get from analyzing the setting, it makes you want to read more.

-Maanasa :) 

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