Thursday, 9 May 2013

Real World Connections - Individual Post

Although this book was fictional, there are some things you can connect this book to in our world today. There was talk about coyotes in the book, and how they “helped” people cross borders to the USA. A coyote helped Celia, and she had to pay him to get him across the border. “Those people don’t help you go anywhere. They lead you straight to the farm patrol”(Farmer, 142) This is a passage that Celia said about the coyotes. The coyotes tricked her and abandoned her and the group where the farm patrol could easily find them. It’s unfair, and it not only happens in the book, it happens in real life as well. A Coyotaje is a Mexican-Spanish term, and it refers to the practice of people smuggling across the US – Mexican border. Many die from the journey, as along Mexico and the US borders, hundreds of deaths occur a year If you think about it, that is a lot! This happens as many of those people are attempting to cross into US from Mexico illegally. Many coyotajes tend to trick the people, and take their money. Lots of crimes can happen in real life, and some of which we see in this book.

Another major thing we see in this book is child labor. The children in the plankton factory worked so hard, but got only little in return. This sort of unfairness occurs today. Many kids are forced to do labor, just so they can support their family. Labor slowly turns into abuse, which we also encountered in The House of the Scorpion. Although this isn’t fair, this is life.  Around 150 million children aged 5-14 in developing countries are involved in child labor. This occurs all around the world, but living in a first world country we barely see it. We need to understand that there are ways we can help these children, by getting involved in many charities. Farmer did amazing job tying this story to real life, and it really opened my eyes.
Although life may not seem difficult, many people struggle from cheating, labor and abuse everyday, and reading this story brought a new meaning to life. It may sound cheesy, but it is true J


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