Friday, 10 May 2013

Narrative Structure - Individual Post

Hi! Today I have the awesome opportunity to talk about the narrative structure in The House of the Scorpion! Enjoy!   
    The exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action and the resolution are all parts of a narrative structure. We see all of these in The House of the Scorpion. Although some of them are really small and ineffective they are all there. 
    The exposition was actually really interesting. You got to understand who Matt was, by understanding how he lives and what people think of him. Of course not all your questions about Matt were answered in the first few chapters, but that’s what made it so interesting! I kept reading just to understand who he really was, and in the end I understand. Although not many drastic things happened in the starting of the book, the tension did build further on into the rising action.
    I must say the rising action was full of ups and downs. There seemed to be a surprise in every new chapter! This book was really hard to put the book down, as there seemed to be an “AHA!” moment in every page! The rising action was definitely portrayed very nicely, but the climax was a disappointment, as all there was, was he met Maria and Ezperenza and goes to Opium, only to find everyone dead. I really expected lots more, but because everyone died, the story just ended. There was no conflict between the Alacrans and Matt; something I was really looking forward to. The poor climax also influenced the falling action in a negative way. The story seemed to end abruptly, as the author had nothing else to talk about. Everyone who was against Matt died, and then he took over. Too many loose ends were left with no one to tie them. How did Matt destroy the opium business? Was a he a good ruler? So many questions, but not enough answers! The resolution, to me, was really short, but not sweet. Matt only thinks about what he wants to do (bring Maria and Esperenza to Opium, and destroy the business, as well as free the eejits) but none of it, as far as we know ever happened, unless it is mentioned in the second book coming out this fall. 

Hopefully the second book titled The Lord of Opium will answer all my questions!


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