Thursday, 9 May 2013

Characterization - Individual Post

     The characters in The House of the Scorpion, to me, were very interesting. Although there were some stock characters, many of them are very original. It is obvious that Matt is the Protagonist in this book, and I feel that identity as a clone is the antagonist. He needs to understand that being a clone isn't a bad thing, and in the end of the book that is exactly what happens.
      Two really interesting characters in this book were Tom and Tam Lin. Although they seem different, they are very much alike. Both are very two faced. Tom seems nice from the outside, but inside he is pretty evil. To me, Tam Lin is a complicated character. Although he looks scary and big from the outside, he has a glimpse of kindness that Matt automatically sees. But, Tam Lin’s past was very dark. So you could say both characters have very suspicious sides, which you can’t see by just looking at them.
     After analyzing many of the characters, I realized that Tom is a foil of Matt. They both have the same dream and ambition of taking over the Opium business from El Patron. Whenever Matt is in trouble, Tom tends to shine. And this is the same when Tom is in trouble. Although they don't like each other, they are very much alike.


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